Damaged Solar panel Collection

A large collection of damaged panels from solar farm in Hampshire

Recycle Solar have just collected 125 damaged panels from a solar farm in New Alresford, Hampshire.

The panels were shattered through impact from the effects of grounds maintenance and some harsh weather conditions.

As the solar farm had no forklift on site we deployed our collection team to go to the site and manually load the truck, a unique service we offer that really helps when collecting damaged panels at solar farms. Solar farms are usually in remote countryside locations and for the site owners to get the necessary loading gear there can be troublesome. We take away this potential head ache by offering this manual loading service.

As solar farms get older and the panels face longer exposure to weather and maintenance damage, the number of broken panels which need collecting will keep increasing. At Recycle Solar we have already noticed an increase in enquiries over the last year to collect damaged solar PV and to part exchange old low performance panels with today’s latest solar PV technology.

Recycle solar offer the complete service from providing solar PV installations and solar panel maintenance to collection and recycling of damaged panels. If required we can offer an inspection and solar panel part-exchange scheme. We can keep on top of any solar system, and get it back up to optimum capacity while minimising the amount of energy and income loss.