Solar Farm South Wales

Collection from South Wales for Conergy

A trip to South wales was on the agenda on Thursday to a solar farm near Abertillery in South Wales. The 14MWp site is located on a plateau up high in the Welsh mountains and is capable of providing green energy for up to 1000 homes.

Conergys operations and maintenance engineer was on hand to escort us up the steep winding track up the mountain side, to where the solar panels were located. He then guided us to the loading area where all the panels were conveniently located by the gates of the solar farm. This allowed for a fast hassle free collection, and then we were on our way back to base to unload.

Conergy specialise in solar farms and largescale rooftop solar projects and have massive arrays across the globe, accounting for hundreds of megawatts of green energy.

Conergy have used Recycle Solar Technologies before, to collect from some of their other UK sites, so they knew they were going to receive a great service.

Conergy value environmentally friendly solutions when disposing of their waste electronic products and found Recycle Solar to be a great option. Located in the UK Recycle Solar is not transporting unwanted or damaged solar PV to other countries for recycling and are therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the solar PV even further.

The not for profit element to the business which focusses on reducing the UKs problems concerning people living in fuel poverty was also an attractive bonus to Conergy.

Conergy Logo
Abertollery Solar Farm

Driving up to the entrance of the  Conergy solar farm in South Wales