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Collection of unwanted inverters from Eco-cute

A little while ago Glyn Cooper at Ecocute called us with a problem!

As a green energy company who specialise in solar installations and maintenance they are amassing unwanted inverters that they had replaced in people’s homes. They were getting swamped with them and needed a solution.

Originally they were taking inverters back to base near Barnsley but they were getting so many of them it was taking up valuable space in the stock room. Their only solution seemed to be to leave the replaced inverter with the customer, which obviously was not ideal for the home owner as it gave them the headache of disposing of the device.

Recycle Solar offer an alternative choice and are providing electrical contractors and solar O&M firms with a free* collection scheme. This works out great for companies like Ecocute as they are replacing inverters nearly every day. Glyn can now replace his customer inverters, take away their old ones, and when he has around 20-30 inverters he can call Recycle Solar to collect them. This way he keeps his stock room uncluttered and his customers happy.

Glyn also stated he was happy for the inverters to go to a good home. Recycle Solar check  which inverters still have use and can be repurposed and which inverters are of no further use and need to be broken down and recycled.

*Recycle Solar offer a FREE collection and recycling service when your solar inverters are collected at the same time as Solar PV modules or you have 20 or more inverters ready for recycling.

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A selection of inverters obtained from Ecocute

A selection of inverters collected from Ecocute