broken solar panel?

I have a broken solar panel, what do I do?

If you have a broken solar panel you may find your system is not performing to the levels you would expect. You have diagnosed it to be a broken solar panel in your system so what next?

You should speak to your solar installer and find out what their procedure is for a module failure. They may want to inspect the system as a whole to make sure it is just one panel that has failed or is failing. Depending on what the fault is they may be able to repair the faulty solar panel in situ, if for example it is a loose cable or connector.

If the panel has a fault that is not repairable on site they may make the decision to replace the panel, with one that matches your arrays requirements. This will get your system back up to full capacity quickly with the least amount of inconvenience. Solar panels are now relatively cheap compared to ten or so years ago and replacement is often a lot cheaper than diagnosis repair and reinstallation.

If your solar installer is no longer around you can contact a qualified electrician or another solar company to take a look.

RecycleSolar have a network of engineers, electricians and solar suppliers to make sure the job is done quickly and correctly. The benefit of using Recycle Solar Technology Limited is that we can take away your damaged solar PV panel for recycling. We can offset the recycling cost against the price of the replacement panel. Solar PV is considered a special waste product and is not suitable for landfill. There are a number of elements included in the solar panels construction that need special handling.

Contact our team if you have a damaged solar panel and we can help you get your system back up and running. Take full advantage of the solar power your system should be generating.

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