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I think I have a broken solar panel

If you think you may have a broken solar panel you may be able to tell for sure by doing a few simple checks.

A visual inspection of the panels from the ground is one such check. If a crack or smash can be seen on the panel it may be affecting the performance. Often the electronics and cells within the panel may still be working fine under the damaged glass, but if the glass isn’t fixed soon it could allow water to get in and cause rusting or other lead to other faults which may lead to the panel stopping working.

Check your energy output. If your energy output has dropped significantly this could be an indication you have a malfunctioning or broken solar panel. If visually the panels look fine then this probably means an electronic fault. If this is the case you will need to call a qualified electrician or your installation team to examine the issue in more detail.

Is the inverter working correctly? It may be the case your solar panels are working fine. The fault could be with the inverter. Solar PV inverters are warrantied for shorter lifespans than solar panels, this indicates (and is actually common knowledge within the solar industry) that the inverter will need replacing at least once during the lifetime of the panels.

Recycle Solar can help any aspect of an ill performing solar PV system anywhere in the UK. If you need help with a diagnosis we can send an engineer to interrogate the system.

If there is a damaged solar panel or panels or an inverter that needs replacing and your electrician or solar installer needs somewhere to send them they can either send the panel to our depot or we can arrange to collect.

Never try to undertake electrical work by yourself unless qualified. Always use an accredited electrician. Electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property.