Isle of Wight Solar Farm

Isle of Wight Solar Panel Collection

Recycle Solar was travelling overseas to the Isle of Wight last week.

A Lightsource solar farm on the island had a number of panels that needed collecting for recycling. Catching the ferry from Southampton to East Cowes meant this was one of our more interesting collections.

The collection happened to be on the same day the new aircraft carrier The Queen Elizabeth docked in Portsmouth with fanfare and fly pasts adding further interest to the journey.

It was a flying visit with only a couple of hours on the island but locating the site and the collection went really smooth and we were back on the ferry heading back to Southampton before we knew it.

On the return journey a detour to Empower Energy was scheduled and another collection of solar inverters along with a few damaged solar panels. Solar inverters have a shorter warrantied lifespan than solar panels, so at least one failure of the solar inverter is likely to occur during the solar panels productive life.

Overall a great trip with lots of solar equipment for recycling.

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A view from the ferry


A view from the Ferry