Solar Energy

Keeping Solar Energy a Green Energy Solution

Solar panels have been installed in houses and businesses for a number of years and the number of solar energy systems installed across the UK increases exponentially every year. Like all products, solar panels have a working lifespan. At the end of this lifespan, PV panels are often disposed of.

This brings to question, what is a viable solution to the possible problem of end of life solar panels being left, wasted or simply thrown into a landfill? As these all negate the environmental benefits of utilising solar energy.

Recycle Solar is a much-needed solution to the ever growing problem of what to do with end of life PV solar units. Chris Roe says “Our focus is providing affordable solutions to create sustainable green energy. We recycle solar panels which helps reduce the impact of solar technology on the environment.”

Due to the WEEE directive, solar panels are now considered to be a specialist waste product, which means that they have to be disposed of using the specified measures. This can be costly for domestic users and even more so for commercial. Recycle Solar may potentially be able to offer a free* collection service for end of life PV units.

Once Recycle Solar remove the solar panels, we are able to break them down into their individual constituents. Recycling solar panels cuts down the need for the mining and processing of potentially harmful minerals such as Lead, Cadmium and Selenium as well as the carbon footprint of refining them in order to render them useful.

Recycle Solar’s solar panel recycling system works in combination to drastically reduce the environmental impact of producing and maintaining solar energy as well as reducing the overall cost of using PV solar units for consumers.


* Location and volume permitting.