Solar Farm Kent

Kent solar farm on migrating bird’s flight path

Recycle Solar were on the road to Kent this week for a damaged solar panel pickup.

The Conergy site was a 12MWp solar farm consisting of over 57,000 solar panels which is capable of powering over 2,600 homes and preventing the emissions of up to 10,600 tonnes of CO2.

Migrating birds were the issue for this location; the solar farm is situated on the flight path of various species of migrating birds. Leo Smith of Conergy who met us on site informed us that the birds drop the stones on to the panels as they believe the solar panels are actually an expanse of water. The purpose of them dropping the stones is to agitate what they believe to be water in order to encourage the fish to the surface and provide a meal.

This can be a real issue for solar farms as stones dropped from a great height can create an impact spot that expands and then shatters the whole panel. Some years the annual migration can lead to more breakages than others, depending on the volume of birds and when they fly over the solar panels.

Our team found the panels neatly stacked and easy to load, the weather was also favourable so the visit was a brief one, our team could get back on the road and get back to our Scunthorpe base in North Lincolnshire close to the Humber.

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Leo Smith with Chris Roe from Recycle Solar Technologies

Leo Smith with Chris Roe from Recycle Solar Technologies