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More Larger Scale Roof Deployments Show the Power of Solar Energy

Across Britain, growing numbers of larger institutions and companies are seeing the value in the space above the slates on their property roofs. The latest to jump on the solar power bandwagon is Derbyshire County Cricket Club, whose expansive pavilion and large indoor performance center at the 3aaa County Ground in the middle of the city will provide plenty of room for a sizeable array of 550 solar panels.

Not only will this help boost the company's green credentials, but it will provide power for the ground's facilities, reducing their energy bills, while excess power can be sent to the grid for a useful revenue stream.

Elsewhere, Swansea City Council is in the process of planning and installing solar power across its school and council building roofs. The planned cost of installation is estimated at £560,000 but they expect to earn £270,000 over 20 years, excluding the money saved on electricity bills; at the council's site. 

These schemes demonstrate the intent of all types of businesses and organisations around the UK to adopt solar power and other environmentally friendly technologies to save money, generate revenue and improve their environmental footprint. 

However, rules and regulations continue to hamper the roll-out of solar power, with Swansea on the negative side this time as it considers refusing permission for a ground-based 18,350 solar panel farm installation. Politicians need to understand the requirement for solar power generation, and benefits to the environment outstrip the complaints of a few "not in my backyard" (Nimby) types. All this as the same council dithers over a proposed £1 billion tidal lagoon project that could generate huge amounts of renewable energy. 

From homes to large scale deployments, we can help advise and demonstrate the benefits of solar power, and put in place a system suitable for your property that can benefit from the government's Feed-In Tariff; solar panels help save you money and generate revenue over the 20-year life span of a typical installation. Get in touch for a quote and more advice on the benefits of moving to solar power today.