Cold weather

Old & vulnerable in fuel poverty now at serious risk

So far this year winter weather has been relatively mild. The next few days however are set for very low temperatures with freezing fog.

With the cold weather hanging around for a while its a good idea to make sure our family, friends and neighbours are safe. Icy temperatures can account for more deaths in the UK than you might expect considering we live in  2016-2017, with the very old, the very young and those with medical issues being the most at risk. 

In 2014-2015 the University College London estimated 9,000 deaths were caused by living in a cold home. Fuel poverty has by no means been eradicated around this time of year. Fuel prices rising in comparison to wages, poor insulation and energy efficient practises in the home have meant people can be literally freezing.

Age UK has estimated that the NHS will have to come to the aid of people living in fuel poverty at a cost of around £1.3 Billion each year, its money that could be used on prevention rather than a cure. In 2000 the government planned to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016 yet numbers over that period have changed very little.

Initiatives like ours with government support could help to provide a solution to this massive winter problem. Until then we should all take that extra step to make sure the people we love are keeping warm and making it through the period of cold weather.