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Recycle Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are an integral component of all solar PV installations and like solar PV panels will eventually reach the end of operational life. The lifespan of solar PV inverters vary, high quality PV inverters can last upwards of 15 years, cheaper poorer quality inverters can breakdown in as little as 5 years. It is fair to say in the lifetime of your solar installation you will require at least one replacement inverter.

Often when a solar PV inverter breaks down either repair is not an option at all or it can often workout more expensive than a replacement. With the high volumes of solar installations in the UK over the last ten years many inverters are currently failing or are about to.

Like Solar PV modules Recycle Solar take in broken and unwanted solar inverters for recycling. The profits generated by the recycling process can then be allocated to fuel poverty schemes in local communities across the UK.

How much does recycling solar PV inverters cost?

Recycle Solar offer a collection and recycling service for all type of inverters from domestic to large commercial inverters. If you contact us with the details of your recycling requirements we can arrange for one of our vehicles to make a scheduled collection. As the UKs only solar PV Technology recycling company we have several vehicles collecting nationally on a regular basis.

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Why do we need solar PV inverters?

Solar PV Inverters are essential to convert the DC power which is produced by the cells collecting energy from the sun into AC power which is required to run the devices in the home or business. It also allows surplus power to be exported back into the grid.

The inverter is also the brains of the solar PV installation, it monitors performance and gives feedback for the owner, it can tell you if a panel is not performing up to its potential and if an engineer is needed to intervene and repair or replace.

Solar inverters may also need changing if battery storage is added to the system, energy storage is going to become more and more popular as performance increases and prices start to fall. Inverter chargers are required when adding battery storage rather than just a standard inverter.

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Types of solar inverters

String Inverters

String inverters are the most common type of solar PV inverter offering a lower initial cost per peak watt price. They consist of one unit that is connected to the solar panels in a string formation. For domestic applications the string inverter is relatively compact and can often be located out of the way in a loft or on the side of the house, it is easy to maintain as it is just one unit. There are a large range of string inverters giving many options when considering price and quality.

The problem with string inverters is that if you have a problem with one panel the whole system suffers. If the inverter itself breaks down the whole system ceases to generate power.

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Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are much smaller devices which connect individually to each solar PV module. Traditionally micro inverters are more expensive (although developments are bringing prices down all the time). The benefit to this type of inverter over string inverters is that if a problem arises with one panel the performance of the rest of the system is not affected.


While diagnosing faults with the micro inverter may be easier than a string inverter due to it usually failing at a single point, the access to the inverter may be more difficult as the inverter may be on the roof connected directly to the PV module.

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SHIPPING INFORMATION - Please read carefully

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Please email us at with your name or company name, address and quantity of solar PV inverters you wish to recycle, We will respond back with an Acknowledgement confirming the quantity of solar inverters to be recycled. You can then organise your delivery to arrive with us during normal working hours 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday excluding bank holidays. Please email us your shipping details at least 48 hours in advance of delivery.

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