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Recycle Solar the perfect choice for solar panel recycling in Ireland.

Solar is entering an exciting time in Ireland with huge investments in large scale solar projects and solar farms. Over the next few years Ireland will see huge benefits from the increase of solar generated electricity.

Ireland over the last couple of years has seen a huge increase in applications for solar projects, many of which have been recently granted. Many are expected to be built by 2020 which means installations are going to be frequent and solar farms are going to be coming online at regular intervals.

From our experience of recycling solar panels from large scale solar installations and solar farms when site engineers are fitting vast numbers of solar panels it is inevitable a small number are damaged during installation. It is in fact the most vulnerable time for the solar PV. Once panels are safely installed they are by enlarge very reliable.

Recycle Solar can remove the damaged panels from site which keeps the solar farm looking neat and tidy and helps with the environmental impact of the solar panels on the surrounding land.

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