Damaged Solar panel Collection

Recycle Solar Technologies working together with Oxfordshire County Councils Trading Standards Service

In a recent case Oxford Trading Standards were successful in prosecuting a rogue solar panel installation company operating in the Oxford area.

As part of the evidence a number of Solar PV Modules and other Solar products were seized. Once the case had been finalised these solar products needed to be disposed of ethically and they decided that Recycle Solar Technologies were the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solution.

Recycle Solar is a not-for-profit organisation working closely with local authorities across the UK offering a national solar PV recycling service. On this occasion we were able to assist with the collection and recycling of Solar PV Modules and other Solar Technology, our bespoke service makes us the company of choice for disposal of unwanted, broken or even non-compliant solar products.

The Recycle Solar ethos is to recycle solar equipment in order to generate funds that can be reinvested into local community fuel poverty schemes. 

We want to build on our ever increasing customer base and become a household name for recycling all renewable energy products. We are looking to extend our reach further to local recycling centres across the country. This will make recycling renewable energy equipment easier and more accessible to the general public. It will also lead to more funds being made available to address fuel poverty in the UK.




loading solar panels into van

Doorstep crime officers (L-R) Daniel Pullen-Walenn and Martin Woodley MBE (team-leader)