Solar Farm Truro

Solar farm in Cornwall required Damaged Solar PV collecting

Recycle Solar were on the road again last week down to Cornwall to collect a number of damaged solar PV panels from a solar farm near Truro.

It was a typical spring day, the weather was mixed, from torrential rain to beautiful sunshine, luckily when the team arrived at the solar farm the sun was shining and the collection was a breeze. All the panels were neatly stacked on pallets close to the entrance of the solar farm so it didn’t take our team long to load up the panels and get on their way.

Conergy who operate and maintain the 4MWp solar farm is a global company and this is just one of their many solar farms across the UK and worldwide.

On site we were met by Tristan Liddle who is part of the Conergy operations and maintenance team. Tristan said he thought that many of the panels which had been broken may have been damaged by stones being dropped by birds as they flew overhead, as there seems to be an impact spot on each of the damaged panels.

Panels become damaged for a variety of reasons. On a solar farm with so many panels located close to each other and in one place, it is inevitable a small percentage of the panels will need replacing due to damage or failure.

Conergy Logo
Tristan Liddle and Chris Roe

Chris Roe from Recycle Solar Technologies meeting Tristan Liddle from Conergy on site.