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If solar panels on your house can power your home life, why not let solar panels on your business power your working life too?

If you have a business premises that uses electricity, solar power is the perfect choice. Large commercial buildings, such as factories and warehouses, are usually where the full benefit of solar can be realised. Roof sizes are generally much larger, allowing for a greater array of solar panels to be installed.

More panels = More power = More Money!

Energy costs can be crippling to a number of businesses which rely on high volumes of energy to power their production. Machinery used throughout the day demand high levels of power. Solar panels can produce and provide this power directly into your business to supplement and, in some cases, eradicate your reliance on power from the grid. The more solar energy you use, the less conventional energy you need to buy.

Financing Solar For Commercial Applications

If you are considering installing solar panels on your business premises, understandably one of the key considerations is the up-front costs. There are a range of financing options which can make going solar a reality for commercial premises; as well as environmental reasons. Here we explain some of the financing options...

Finance solar
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Free Solar

Recycle Solar have access to various funding organisations. This method of funding benefits you if you want to purchase power at a much cheaper rate but don’t want to use your own Capital Expenditure (Cap Ex) to fund the project up-front.

Our funders will pay for the installation of solar on your building or land, in return they will take the Feed in tariff (FiT) and the export payment from the grid, then provide you with electricity, at a much reduced rate, for a guaranteed period of twenty years on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

After twenty years, the ownership of the system transfers to you, and at this point you will receive the full benefit of FREE solar PV electricity for the remaining lifespan of the solar PV system. 

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Self Funded

If you can fund the installation yourself, you are in a great position to be able to own 100% of the FIT and any export payments from the grid. Its a great investment for your company as you benefit from cheap power during the day and a payment for any surplus power you are creating.

If you choose to fund the project yourself Recycle Solar can help all along the way, from putting you in touch with installers to providing the panels and parts. There is a certain amount of administration to take care of, especially when the size of the project becomes larger, such as applications to councils and the District Network Operators (DNOs) our experts can manage all this on your behalf. 

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Fully Financed

It may be that you want to fund the project yourself, but don’t have the Cap Ex available. If this is the case and you need to look for finance we can help. You can either use your own bank or building society to apply for finance or we can put you in contact with financiers who specialise in this type of arrangement.

This way of financing the project means you can retain all of the FIT and Export Payments, which in turn can be used to pay off the finance agreement. 

Whichever way you want to finance your solar project, Recycle Solar can guide and support you every step of the way...

Equity Share

This can be achieved by combining the free solar option and the self funded option, you pay part of the installation costs using your own Cap Ex and our funders picks up the rest. An agreement is made calculated on the level of the investment made by each party. 


Isle of Wight Solar Panel Collection

21 August 2017

Recycle Solar was travelling overseas to the Isle of Wight last week.

Collection of unwanted inverters from Eco-cute

20 April 2017

A little while ago Glyn Cooper at Ecocute called us with a problem!

Kent solar farm on migrating bird’s flight path

04 April 2017

Recycle Solar were on the road to Kent this week for a damaged solar panel pickup.

Collection from South Wales for Conergy

31 March 2017

A trip to South wales was on the agenda on Thursday to a solar farm near Abertillery in South Wales. The 14MWp site is located on a plateau up high in the Welsh mountains and is capable of providing green…

Solar farm in Cornwall required Damaged Solar PV collecting

30 March 2017

Recycle Solar were on the road again last week down to Cornwall to collect a number of damaged solar PV panels from a solar farm near Truro.

Solar PV collection in North Yorkshire

21 March 2017

Recycle Solar was called to a UK solar farm last week who required their damaged panels to be removed from site.

Empower Energy use Recycle Solar Technologies to collect their unwanted solar Inverters

16 March 2017

In excess of 50 Inverters required recycling due to them being damaged or being part of a planned upgrade by Empower Energy based in Dorset. Empower Energy offer a wide range of electrical services and…

Damaged Solar PV panels collected from Bolsover Moor Solar Farm

15 March 2017

Recycle Solar have collected a number of damaged solar PV panels from a solar farm which has recently been developed in Bolsover Moor Quarry in Derbyshire.

Recycle Solar Technologies working together with Oxfordshire County Councils Trading Standards Service

05 January 2017

In a recent case Oxford Trading Standards were successful in prosecuting a rogue solar panel installation company operating in the Oxford area.

A large collection of damaged panels from solar farm in Hampshire

25 October 2016

Recycle Solar have just collected 125 damaged panels from a solar farm in New Alresford, Hampshire.

Solar panel island set to help Thames Water self-generate 1/3 of their power

03 October 2016

The sight of solar panels on rooftops and buildings is becoming more and more familiar to us.

Solar PV or solar thermal system: which should I use?

19 September 2016

The fundamental concept behind photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and their thermal counterparts is essentially the same: both systems soak up energy from the sun and convert it into usable power.

How solar panels can help you start your own business

30 August 2016

Starting a business can be expensive; running one can be even more expensive. One of the most significant costs associated with running a business is supplying the premises with electricity. Your customer-facing…

Renewables more price competitive than nuclear

24 August 2016

With the Hinkley Point nuclear power station being put on hold it has opened up the debate about whether it makes financial sense for it to continue at all. Theresa May who recently delayed the decision…

The benefits of solar PV installation for your business

02 August 2016

Sourcing renewable energy to power your business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in terms of your office or facility. In an ideal world, we would all choose the most environmentally sound…

School goes solar

26 July 2016

A school in Hilsea, Portsmouth, will fit solar panels to their roof in a bid to become more environmentally friendly, teach the students about renewable energy first hand and collaborate with Portsmouth’s…

Solar Panel Recycling Set to Hit £110 Billion Mark by 2050

27 June 2016

By the year 2050, the materials found in end of cycle solar panels will be worth $150Bn, according to research done by the International…

Solar Repair Agreement Announced by STA

11 May 2016

The Solar Repair Agreement has been announced by Solar Trade Association (STA) to allow solar panel system owners to contract an installer to repair faulty PV systems, providing a reassuring boost to the…

More Larger Scale Roof Deployments Show the Power of Solar Energy

06 May 2016

Across Britain, growing numbers of larger institutions and companies are seeing the value in the space above the slates on their property roofs. The latest to jump on the solar power bandwagon is Derbyshire…

Solar Panels Saves Company £355,000

06 May 2016

Forward thinking food firm Linwoods in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, has invested in 200 rooftop panels after working out the massive savings they will represent over the next 25 years.

Recycling Solar Panels

06 May 2016

Most of today's technology has a shelf life and solar panels are no exception. The expected lifespan of a Photovoltaic (PV) module is around 20-30 years following its installation, and the latest estimates…

Renewable Energy Accounts For 50% of New Power Plants in 2014

06 May 2016

Although renewable energy, solar panels in particular, are coming under fire from the Conservative government in the UK, which plans to scrap 75% of solar electricity subsidies, this week we have received…

Does the Future of Solar Energy Lie in Translucent Panels?

06 May 2016

Solar panel technology is always changing. But now a research team from Michigan State University is trying to change the way we think about solar panels in a major way, by coming up with the world's first…

Cheaper Solar Panels Possible Due To UK Semiconductor Breakthrough

06 May 2016

Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered a way of making semiconductor material using common and widely available elements that may help to drive down costs of solar panels, and lead to a more…

Demand For Solar Power Undaunted by Government Feed-In Tariff Cuts

04 May 2016

In the wake of continued feed-in tariff cuts from the government, under pressure from its big oil friends and to help justify further costly nuclear power stations, the London Assembly is urging Mayor…

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