Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar for home

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to save money on your household bills, Solar PV could be the answer!

Harnessing the sun's energy to power your home is becoming the most popular way of generating renewable energy. More and more people across the UK are going for solar PV, the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy are clear to see.

If you are looking to manage the project yourself or have a fully funded system - FREE Solar PV.
Recycle Solar can find the right solution for you.

If you are interested in solar PV and would like to arrange a quotation click here to be transferred to Cellnexx Energy our partner who specialises in new solar PV systems and renewable enrgy products.

how solar works

How Solar PV works on your home...

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) works when the suns UV rays make contact with the panels attached to your roof. The panels are made from a type of reactive crystal that creates a chemical and physical reaction when touched by the sun.

The power produced is DC current, which needs converting to AC current as this is what is used to power your lighting, sockets and switches in your home.

If you don’t require the power you are producing it can be exported back to the grid, which will earn you money.

If you require more power than you are producing, in the evening, for example, you can import power from the grid. So you will always have consistent power.

FREE Solar PV or Self Managed?


Currently, the government is offering an incentive scheme called the Feed In Tariff (FIT). This guarantees you a certain price per unit of electricity that you feed into the grid. It also means you can have panels installed FREE! A third party will pay for the installation of solar PV on your home and then pay you an amount of money every month, based on the power you produce.

If you would like to have FREE solar PV on your house which guarantees the FIT payment you will need to act quickly, the FIT rate is due to be substantially reduced during 2016. For more information about the FIT, click here.

We can introduce you to our partners in the financial sector who can arrange and fund your Solar PV installation.

The Benefits

  • No upfront costs
  • Guaranteed income for the term of the contract
  • You pay less for your energy
  • You are reducing your impact on the environment

Self Managed Solar PV

Solar PV panel prices are becoming more competitive every year, so much so the government are considering reducing the FIT incentive scheme. This means it is considered economically attractive to go solar without the need for government interference or long tied in contracts with third party funders.

You will form a contract with your energy provider, who will then pay you directly for the unused power you pump back into the grid.

If you want to fund the project yourself our DIY kits and parts mean you can buy the right size kit for your house and organise the installation yourself. Or, we can put you in touch with a qualified MCS installer in your area who will complete the installation.

The Benefits

  • You own the system outright
  • You receive all the benefit of exporting to the grid
  • You pay less for your energy
  • You are reducing your impact on the environment

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