Solar Panel Recycling Set to Hit £110 Billion Mark by 2050

By the year 2050, the materials found in end of cycle solar panels will be worth $150Bn, according to research done by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

PV panel recycling could turn the 78 million tonnes of waste, which is mostly comprised of glass, into 2 billion solar panels and further boost the growth of the solar panel industry.

Recycling end of life solar panels is essential to the growth of the industry which, in turn, helps to create thousands of jobs as well as ensuring that solar energy continues to have a quantifiable environmental impact. 

Recyclability of solar panels is currently at 96%, while the target is 100%. With a standard 72 cell solar panel creating a possible 22kgs of waste, the growth of the solar panel industry can also present a future waste problem. Left unchecked, end of life PV solar units would end up in landfills across the world which would negate any positive environmental impact brought by their installation.

Recycling solar panels not only helps to create sustainability for the renewable energy market, it also helps to create thousands of jobs across the world. With the price of solar power falling alongside the incredible growth of the solar panel industry, the need to recycle your end of life solar panels has never been more important.

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