Solar Farm North Yorkshire

Solar PV collection in North Yorkshire

Recycle Solar was called to a UK solar farm last week who required their damaged panels to be removed from site.

The site which is located in North Yorkshire has recently been completed and produces 5MWp, enough electricity to power 1,300 homes every year. Over the sites productive lifespan it is expected approximately 49,400 tons of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere will be avoided.

The 5MWp site is owned by OPDE a Spanish based company with operations all around the world. On completion of this site OPDE now generate upwards of 800MWp worldwide and 100MWp from solar photovoltaic in England alone.  

To install, operate and maintain the site, OPDE enlist the skills of Eiffage Energía, who are also a Spanish based company with operations spreading globally. To date Eiffage Energía have installed over 2,800 MW of wind power and 1,000 MW of photovoltaic power.

Sandra Sánchez Bravo who is the site manager at the solar farm called Recycle Solar to collect the damaged modules. The damaged Solar PV fall under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive (WEEE) and require special handling and disposal. Sandra selected Recycle Solar for various reasons.

  • We are a UK based company therefore keeping the carbon footprint of transporting the panels down.
  • The most competitive on price compared to overseas companies
  • Our not for profit commitment to help UK communities and reduce the impact of fuel poverty.


Chris Roe of Recycle Solar Technologies met Sandra Sánchez Bravo on site to remove the panels. Sandra had organised for the damaged panels to be all in one location on site, close to the loading area. For this reason collection was relatively straightforward and only took around half an hour to complete.

Sandra Sánchez Bravo and Chris Roe

Chris Roe from Recycle Solar Technologies meeting Sandra Sánchez Bravo Site Manager for Eiffage Energía. 

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