Business Solar

The benefits of solar PV installation for your business

Sourcing renewable energy to power your business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in terms of your office or facility. In an ideal world, we would all choose the most environmentally sound solution, but in the world of business there are other factors to consider when making these decisions. Happily for your pocket, your environmental conscience and the planet, solar PV installations can deliver benefits to your business across the board.

Energy security

By choosing solar panels as a big part of your energy solution, you can insulate your business against rising energy costs. In a world where energy prices fluctuate in ever more sensitive responses to geopolitical shifts and market movements, having the security of a long-term energy source where the investment has already been made and the payouts on your loan or to investors is predictable and regular removes the pressure of uncertainty from your cash flow.

Financial benefits

Sourcing a percentage of your energy from solar panels can seriously reduce bills for energy intensive businesses such as breweries, data storage companies, restaurants and manufacturing facilities; but every business can benefit financially from solar. Although a considerable capital expense, it is one that reduces operational expenses over its lifetime. Furthermore, your business can benefit from tax allowances and revenue from the Feed In Tariff.

Reliability and low maintenance

With no moving parts and long warranties, solar panels are an extremely low maintenance piece of kit that provide a vital function for your business but will not add to your maintenance expenses beyond occasional cleaning. With a lifetime of around 25 - 40 years, they are one asset you won't have to watch for built-in redundancy or mechanical breakdowns. 

Low-carbon energy source

As well as boosting your green credentials and credibility with environmentally conscious clients, installing solar panels can help your business to meet sustainability targets and industry standards and elevate your standing amongst the competition. Announce the huge reductions in your carbon footprint brought about by a new solar installation in your annual report, and your clients and partners will be suitably impressed.